frozen pre-cooked crawfish tail


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Enjoy crawfish with frozen pre-cooked Crawfish tailmeat. 

(100-150 count) per pound.

24 x 1 lb. case

Flavor Profile

Crawfish meat is sweet like lobster meat but more tender and not quite as rich. All crawfish cook up brilliant red. Raw meat is grayish in color. Cooked meat should be a clean white. Crawfish fat, sometimes called head fat, is yellow and contains most of the flavor.

Calories: 77
Fat Calories: 8
Total Fat: 0.9 g
Saturated Fat: 0.2 g
Cholesterol: 114 mg
Sodium: 58 mg
Protein: 15.9 g
Omega 3: 0.2 g

Cooking Tips

For a classic preparation, boil in spicy Cajun or Creole seasonings or use Scandinavian dill seasonings. Jambalaya, bisque and etouffeé are traditional presentations.

Cooking  Methods

  • Saute


China, Spain, Egypt, United States

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