Imitation Crab


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Imitation Crab Flake (2.5 lbs ) "Surimi" 

 Flavor Profile

High-grade surimi is a clean white product textured and flavored to closely resemble the species it imitates. It should be firm, but not too firm, which could mean too much starch was added. Mushiness indicates low quality. The degree of sweetness or saltiness varies by brand.

Calories: 99
Fat Calories: 9
Total Fat: .9 g
Saturated Fat: .2 g
Cholesterol: 30 mg
Sodium: 143 mg
Protein: 15.2 g
Omega 3: .4


Cooking Tips

Use surimi seafood in recipes calling for crabmeat, lobster, or shrimp. Because it’s already cooked, it can be used cold for salads or added to casseroles and soups in the last minutes of cooking so it just heats through.



* Product does not contain actual crab but pollock fish

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