Oysters - Fresh, Cupids Arrow, Wellfleet Massachusetts (50 CT)

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Wellfleet oysters are well known for their high salinity and their clean simple finish.

Flavor: Sharp, brine, with plump meats, a splash of mineral water and rounded seaweed finish. 

Wellfleet Oysters are likely the most popular and well-known of all New England oysters. The harbor's richness supports both wild and oysters and farmed oysters.  Brine hounds love the oyster's intense, but clean brine, and if put in a line up, they will choose a Wellfleet every time. 

Fresh, Unshucked, (50 CT) sack. 

Please inspect all LIVE SEAFOOD purchases at pickup.  Live oysters are FINAL SALE.

Market Price: prices are subject to change.

Limited quantities available. *Will generally need a 7-day advanced notice.* Please contact us at 713.986.3698 for immediate availability.  



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