Turkey - whole young ranch raised, uncooked (7-8 lbs.)

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Norbest Tender Time Ranch Raised Young Turkey are mountain-grown turkeys which contains Norbest's exclusive gluten-free turkey broth and gluten-free seasonings throughout the bird. 7-8 lbs.

No fats, oils, sugars, or MSG were added. 

Cooking Instructions:

Remove outer netting and plastic bag from thawed turkey. Remove neck and giblets from body and neck cavities. Place turkey in roasting pan with Tender Timer® gauge unobstructed. Cover with lid or aluminum foil. Determine total roasting time by weight. Remove cover during the last half hour for final browning and to allow frequent checking of the timer.

The center stem of the timer pops out to indicate the turkey is cooked. Verify that a meat thermometer reads 165°F in the deepest part of breast and innermost part of the thigh. Let stand 20-30 minutes before carving. Unclamp legs and and remove timer by lifting it by its outer edge.

Approximate Cooking Times:

*Oven temperatures vary. Always use a meat thermometer, never rely on appearance alone.

8 to 12 2¾ to 3

12 to 14

3 to 3¾
14 to 18 3¾ to 4½
18 to 20 4¼ to 4½
20 to 24 4½ to 5
24 to 28 5¾ to 6



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