Crawfish - Live, Large Mix (by sack)
Premium Live Jumbo Louisiana Crawfish
Premium Live Jumbo Louisiana Crawfish
Jumbo Premium Live Crawfish

Crawfish - Live, Large Mix (by sack)

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Approximately 30-32 lbs. 

All promotional discounts are excluded from LIVE items.

We recommend bringing your own cooler or plastic tub when picking up to keep crawfish cool during transportation from the Texas heat!

Please inspect all LIVE SEAFOOD purchases at time of pickup.  All live crawfish are FINAL SALE.

Market Price: prices are subject to change.


Crawfish are PERISHABLE and should be cooked the same day received.

To Care For Live Crawfish: If you are not going to cook the crawfish immediately:

1. Do not take the crawfish out of the sack, leave them in the sack and hose the entire sack with fresh water. Do not leave the sack submerged in water, as the crawfish are restricted in the sack and will drown.
2. Place the sack(s) into a cooler or plastic tub & lay a bag of ice or gel packs loosely on top of the crawfish sack(s).
3. Leave the box in a cool damp area such as your garage/cellar or kitchen.

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